Friday, November 6, 2009

My First Art Display

Here are the first items that I have made.
The headbands are priced at $5.
The bookmarks, hair clips, and keychains are priced at $3. I also have hair ties that I am pricing at $1.
I hope you find these items enjoyable.

About a year ago, I took time off from work to have my daughter, Elyza. My Husband's department at his job was discontinued about four months later. I had thought of going back to work. Shortly after that, we discovered that my daughter had hydrosephelace. She went in for a vp shunt placement. Unfortunately, she developed an infection shortly after that. we took her in for treatment, and she stopped eatting during her treatment. She was put on an ng feeding tube. With these medical problems, it is hard for me to go back to work. My Husband is currently in school, so, for the time being, I doing this to help my family.
My daughter will be going in for surgery and you are welcome to read about her and get more details from her blog.
You may click on here to view my Daughter Elyza's blog.
If you are interested in buying or have any questions, you may e-mail us.

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  1. This Looks really neat Patrice. I'm sure people will love it. :)